When we first started to investigate the tattoo removal business a few years ago, we surprisingly discovered that very little information is publicly available, and most of our questions could not be answered. Unfortunately the press only publish superficially researched and overblown tabloid press reports and repeat statements they got from third parties without verification. This is how incorrect information is spread and everybody thinks it must be true as everybody repeats it. We discovered to our surprise that even on many doctors’ websites little and even wrong information can often be found.

We had to spend lot of time and effort to get serious and verified information, as even many dermatologists’ do not have enough knowledge and experience in this field, or didn’t show an open mind, as they work with old laser machines which needed to be updated.It is not surprising that you can’t find objective information as dermatologists’ using lasers are empowered by the strong laser industry who in turn influence media, blogs etc by a powerful lobbying. So it is not surprising at all that any new concept will immediately be criticized with doubtful statements and misinformation.